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Family is an important pillar in individuals’ lives and their communities. When familial bonds are strong, both children and adults enjoy benefits, such as unconditional support and love, improved overall well-being, development of good values, sense of belonging and meaningful and quality lives, among others.

There are, however, factors that can shake the foundation of a family. Some of these factors include unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings, clashes in a different mindset, styles and behaviour and/or strained relationships.

While some families can resolve these issues by talking things out, there may be others who are unable to find amicable ways to resolve issues or overcome and/or cope with these challenges. One of the most effective ways to help restore the balance in the family dynamics is by seeking professional help through Family Therapy.

What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is a form of psychological counselling that involves the mediation of an external party, the counsellor or psychologist. Through Family Therapy, the counsellor or psychologist will bring the family together to identify issues, even underlying ones, communicate, change or improve thinking and/or behavioural patterns, and discuss the problems and solutions. In the process, the counsellor or psychologist will also help the family develop essential problem-solving skills to better manage the current as well as potential issues.

Some of the family-related issues that require appropriate and timely intervention could include:

  • Strained parent-children relationship
  • Dispute between siblings
  • Grief and/or loss (e.g. death of a loved one)
  • Suffering from or coping with a family’s member’s chronic/terminal illness
  • A traumatic event or experience
  • Abuse (e.g. verbal, physical, etc.)
  • Difficulty in adjusting or coping with life changes (e.g. unemployment, financial woes, etc.)
  • Inter-racial issues and challenges
  • Re-marriage and acceptance challenges
  • Sexual orientation conflicts
  • Relationship with estranged family members
  • Separation or divorce
  • And more

If you have ascertained the need for Family Therapy, the next best course of action for you and your loved one is to look for a suitably experienced counsellor or psychologist.

The Best Family Therapies in Singapore

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Here is MediaOne’s listing of the Top Family Therapies in town. We are delighted that Dynamics Psychological Practice has been named one of the top service providers for Family Therapy in Singapore!

At Dynamics Psychological Practice, our goals for Family Therapy are to mobilise the family's collective strength and functional resources, improve the family’s functioning as well as enhance the family’s problem-solving abilities and behaviour.

Following an in-depth initial consultation and observation, our Psychologists will develop and implement structured intervention plans and goals that are customised for the families. During the therapy sessions, we endeavour to identify and target problem areas, reduce hindering ways the family relate or interact with each other, facilitate the communication among the members, and more. In any counselling, the psychologist’s role is neither to change the behaviour of one or a few family members nor to side with anyone in the family. Our Psychologists focus on the family as a whole and make professional judgement and recommendations that will benefit the family collectively.

Other Types of Counselling Services for You and Your Loved Ones

In our daily lives, we juggle many commitments and expectations, whether at home, work/school and communities. On top of that, the current COVID-19 situation has brought about evolving requirements and changes that have directly, or indirectly, impacted us and our lifestyles. There are, however, some individuals who could be struggling in the midst of all these, adversely affecting their mental health and well-being.

Besides Family Therapy, there are also other beneficial types of counselling services available that can cater to diverse specific needs, namely:

To help you in your search for a suitable counsellor or psychologist, MediaOne has listed the Top Counselling Services in Singapore . Dynamics Psychological Practice is once again counted among the best in Singapore! We pride ourselves on making a transformative difference in individuals, couples and families’ lives for the past 15 years through our wide-ranging high-quality and effective counselling and psychological services.

Top in Singapore Award (150x150)

How Do You Know if You Have Found the Right Counsellor/Psychologist?

You have seen some of the best family therapies and counselling services in Singapore. But how do you go about looking for a counsellor or psychologist who suits you?

Finding the right counsellor or psychologist is important because it may affect you in getting significant results from the sessions. Besides, this counsellor or psychologist will be someone whom you will be spending a lot of time with and whom you will be revealing your innermost feelings and moments of vulnerability. So, finding someone you can trust and are at ease with is crucial.

6 Tips to Better Care for Your Emotional Health During the Pandemic

Here is a list of questions you can ask yourself before you start looking for a suitable counsellor or psychologist (the list is not exhaustive):

  • What type of counselling or psychotherapy do you need? There are different types of counselling services available: some can help relieve current issues, while others, such as psychotherapy, understand your past to help you create a better future. And as we have mentioned earlier, there are also other specialised counselling services to address specific needs, such as Family Therapy for family-related issues and challenges.
  • What is your goal of the desired counselling or psychotherapy?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are the qualifications and experience of the counsellor or psychologist?
  • Is location a concern? How willing are you to travel to meet your counsellor or psychologist?
  • Is having a waitlist a concern for you?
  • Do you prefer online or in-person sessions? Having an online option can help ensure continuity in your sessions amid the changes we are facing in this fluid COVID-19 situation. Dynamics Psychological Practice offers convenience through hassle-free service delivery options of in-person (at our centre), TeleHealth (online) or a combination of both.

You know you have found a suitable match if your counsellor or psychologist is one who:

  • Skillfully helps you develop the required skills and self-confidence to overcome problems and cope with situations
  • Effectively identifies and addresses problems that have affected or are affecting you
  • Possesses the know-how and experience in handling what you are going through
  • Does not judge you and is receptive to what you are saying
  • Supports you and offers sound advice, instead of telling you what to do
  • Provides you with a safe and trustworthy environment to share your thoughts and feelings, and adheres to strict confidentiality standard
  • Has a good rapport with you so that you can understand and be understood
  • Offers the flexibility to conduct the sessions in a way or via the platforms that you are comfortable with
  • Is warm, respectful, inclusive and empathetic throughout

It is also good to bear in mind that, while it is important to find a suitable counsellor or psychologist, there is no perfect one. You are free to change counsellor or psychologist anytime you find that you and your counsellor or psychologist are not a good match.

About Dynamics Psychological Practice

Dynamics Psychological Practice is a multilingual team of clinically trained and experienced international and local Psychologists. Our Psychologists are registered members of recognised local and overseas professional associations for psychologists, such as the Singapore Psychological Society, and we adhere strictly to the guidelines of these regulatory bodies to maintain high and professional standards in our counselling and psychological services.

Our Psychologists are passionate about helping children, adults and families in Singapore and Southeast Asia build good mental health, and are committed to providing high-quality and evidence-based services, and inclusive, empathetic and personalised care and support to every individual.