As an adult, we juggle with several priorities and demands every single day. And some of these areas—whether career, family, self-esteem, relationships, personal aspirations or even past experiences—if not managed properly, could potentially cause stress, burnout or other negative emotions/behaviours. This will, in turn, hinder our ability to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Thankfully, appropriate and timely intervention, such as Counselling and Psychotherapy, can help pull an individual out of a downward spiral. Through Counselling/Psychotherapy, an individual would be able to see their situation and themselves from a different perspective, approach the problems with a fresh mindset, and be empowered to make better decisions.

The success of your therapy depends largely on you, and with a counsellor/psychologist working alongside you in your recovery journey, you are well on your way to better overall well-being and meaningful life.

Counselling for Adult

Adult Counselling at Dynamics

We understand that every individual is different, having unique needs and perspectives. Here at Dynamics, our highly trained and experienced Psychologists are committed to providing therapy and support that are personalised and appropriate.

We extend a helping hand in the following areas of concern (the list is not exhaustive):

  • Depression, includes post-natal depression
  • Stress, includes post-traumatic stress
  • Anxieties, e.g. social anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Disorders, e.g. sleep disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Anger management
  • Mental health issues
  • Relationships
  • Parenting Issues
  • Communication skills

Our team of psychologists, each with their modality, styles and personalities, is collectively dedicated to ensuring every individual’s needs are met and helped. Some of the interventions we focus on include:

  • Identifying root causes and areas of concern by looking into the individual's past
  • Reframing mindset and beliefs as they affect how one feels and acts
  • Nurturing new skills to improve management of difficult symptoms; among others

During the initial consultation, we will ensure that every individual is matched to the most suitable psychologist. Each session for consult, therapy and counselling is 50-minute long. To cater to individual needs, these sessions can be administered in 3 different formats:

  • One-on-one
  • With family members (up to 4 members per household)
  • A group setting for specific concerns, e.g. social skills, communication, etc. (up to 4 persons per group)

Have more questions about counselling and psychotherapy? Find out more in our FAQ section or blogs.

In addition to providing counselling for adults, Dynamics also offers counselling services for children, families, couples and career matters for adolescents

To speak to a Psychologist, get in touch with us for an initial consultation.

Psychological Counselling Fees (Adult/Family)

Counselling Session
/ session*
10 Counselling Sessions
/ session*

*Disclaimer - All prices are associated with weekday centre based therapy. Additional cost for Saturday sessions. For home based therapy, additional transport charges will apply. Pricing may change depending on the seniority of the therapist.