Wellness is a lifestyle—where one conscientiously makes choices and practises healthy habits every day for optimal health and overall well-being.

So, why does wellness matter?

Exacerbated by the pandemic, mounting stress, unplanned changes and other factors can take a toll on our mental and physical states. When our health and well-being are compromised, it can lead to negative consequences, such as low work productivity, strained relationships and a higher risk of illness, among others.

Who We Are - Dynamics Psychological Practice

Wellness is important to both adults and children. As it is an integration of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, wellness is essential to a thriving, quality life. And wellness can be achieved and enjoyed when an individual proactively makes decisions that lead to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

At Dynamics Wellness Centre, we empower you to look after your mind and body through:

Counselling & Psychotherapy

When life's challenges hit, they can get overwhelming and daunting for some people. It is during such a critical period that affected individuals need someone to talk to and help work things through.

Positive mental health is important at every stage of our lives. Mental health encompasses our psychological, emotional and social well-being, which affects the way we think, feel and act. That is why our thoughts, feelings or behaviours can be negatively affected when undesirable situations take a toll on our mental health. Mental health issues can affect both children and adults.

Counselling/Psychotherapy plays a significant part in the lives of these individuals. It can help individuals who are:

  • Going through a stressful and difficult situation, e.g. death of a loved one
  • Having difficulties coping with a traumatic experience, e.g. abuse
  • Experiencing mental health issues
  • Needing sound advice or support in important decisions
Counselling and Psychotherapy

We Can Help!

At Dynamics, we have a highly qualified and experienced team of psychologists who is committed to guiding you towards your solution. We provide the following counselling and psychotherapy specialisations:

Our counsellors and psychologists can help these individuals with their specific needs—whether it is mediating between a couple going through a difficult time in their marriage, walking a child through a traumatic experience, or providing career guidance to a teenager at an academic crossroad.

There is a misperception that the counsellor/psychologist’s role is to solve problems.
Instead, these professionals are trained to help:

  • Identify root causes and areas of concern;
  • Develop possible solutions to problems, together with the individual;
  • Change mindset; and
  • Boost self-esteem and self-acceptance; among others

We use different methods to provide timely and suitable help and support. “Counselling” and “Psychotherapy” are often used interchangeably. Even though these types of therapy have many similarities, they can be different in focus areas and therapy techniques. Counselling deals with specific concerns and changes in behaviours, whereas Psychotherapy is rendered as a long-term help and targets deeply rooted or past issues.

If you or a loved one is struggling to cope with the challenges and is feeling overwhelmed and helpless, do not give up. Do seek professional help early to help you through this journey.

Keto Coaching & Nutrition

Eating well is one important aspect of optimal physical well-being. We provide health-focused consultation and services through Nutrition and Keto Coaching to help you:

  • Obtain relevant information and advice on eating and staying healthy
  • Make changes to benefit your overall well-being
  • Develop and follow through on an individualised nutrition plan
  • Cultivate good habits to strengthen your body for optimal health and functioning
  • Learn techniques for a better, healthier lifestyle

To provide holistic and personalised wellness care and support, our dedicated and experienced Nutritionist and Psychologists, along with an in-house multidisciplinary team, work hand-in-hand towards the shared goal of helping individuals break through challenges and thrive in life.

Prioritise your wellness today. Reach out to us here to arrange for a consultation.