As humans, we inherently crave closeness and connections with other people. The healthy relationships we form, whether romantic, familial or friendship, can contribute significantly to our mental, physical and emotional well-being. In healthy and positive romantic relationships, couples enjoy close intimacy, mutual trust and support, open communication, and shared goals and activities, among other benefits—which in turn, lead to less stress, healthier behaviours and a sense of fulfilment.

All relationships will have their fair share of problems. Even the most loving couple may encounter difficult moments in their relationship. In any relationship, differences are inevitable as each party has a different personality, value, opinions and communication style. These differences do not signal the end of the relationship, but instead the growth of a healthy one. Through such differences, couples can also learn to understand, accept and respect each other’s views and culture.

Other factors that could strain relationships are infidelity, abuse, illness, to name a few. Distresses in a relationship could trigger stress, tension, depression, anxieties and a host of other problems. The couple’s quality of life, not to mention other family members, for example, their children, may also be adversely affected. If left untreated, these issues and negative emotions will only chip away at the relationship over time.

Couple Counselling & Therapy

Couples Therapy at Dynamics

We help couples repair or rekindle their relationship. To see positive changes in themselves and their relationship, both parties need to be willing and committed to investing time and effort to work things out. Through counselling/therapy, each party can be better equipped to look at their relationship and issues from a different perspective, openly talk about their concerns, listen to their partner with an open mind, and list possible solutions.

Our dedicated and competent team of Psychologists helps couples address and manage specific issues, such as:

  • Infidelity
  • Separation and divorce
  • Physical/Mental illness
  • Anger and emotions
  • Conflicts
  • Cultural clashes
  • Financial problems
  • Breakdown in communication
  • Intimacy and sexual issues
  • Infertility struggles
  • Managing changes, e.g. unemployment or retirement

We cater to various groups of couples, namely:

  • Dating
  • Married (with/without children)
  • Empty nesters
  • Getting married
  • Soon-to-be parents
  • Going through a divorce
  • Interracial/Inter-cultural
  • With blended families

The type, intensity and frequency of therapy we provide would depend on the couple's needs and present situation. It may comprise joint and/or individual sessions, depending on the couple's needs. Our Psychologist will arrange for an initial consultation to understand and assess the situation and recommend an appropriate therapy plan.

Some cases may also require collaborating with other specialists. Having an in-house multidisciplinary team of specialists at Dynamics has given our Psychologists added convenience and flexibility to ensure that holistic care is provided seamlessly and without hassle.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

  • Encouraging Joint Effort

    Facilitated by the psychologist, the couple will come together to identify and understand the root cause of their conflicts and jointly work towards resolving these issues. Both partners will also review and talk about the positive and negative aspects of their relationship.

  • Learning Relationship-building Skills

    The couple will learn skills that can help solidify and strengthen their relationship. These skills include communicating effectively, solving problems together and discussing differences in a rational manner. In cases where there is mental illness or substance abuse, the psychologist may collaborate with other healthcare specialists to provide comprehensive and holistic therapy.

  • Having a Mediator

    The psychologist mediates by helping the disputing couple focus on the issues, discuss and agree on possible solutions during the sessions.

  • Strengthening Bond

    Couples Therapy is not just for couples facing issues in their relationships. Some couples in a healthy relationship could be seeking help to understand each other better to further strengthen their bond. Couples Therapy is also meaningful for couples at the pre-marital stage. Couples who are planning to get married benefit from pre-marital counselling as they will learn more about their partner and themselves, and their respective needs and expectations in marriage and life. These insights serve to build a stronger foundation in their marriage.

Have more questions about counselling and psychotherapy? Find out more in our FAQ section or blogs.

In addition to providing counselling for couples, Dynamics also offers counselling services for children, adults, families and career matters for adolescents

To speak to a Psychologist, get in touch with us for an initial consultation.

Psychological Counselling Fees (Adult/Family)

Counselling Session
/ session*
10 Counselling Sessions
/ session*

*Disclaimer - All prices are associated with weekday centre based therapy. Additional cost for Saturday sessions. For home based therapy, additional transport charges will apply. Pricing may change depending on the seniority of the therapist.