Peter's Journey: Conquering ADHD and Dyslexia Challenges with Tailored Interventions

Peter (pseudonym), a 9-year-old, was referred for a psychological evaluation by his school due to concerns raised by his teacher. The teacher observed difficulties in Peter's ability to focus, as he often appeared easily distracted in class and frequently forgot to bring his homework. Descriptions of him being disorganized and messy were noted, along with challenges in waiting for his turn and being talkative during class. Teachers expressed concerns that these issues were affecting Peter's learning, as he made frequent careless mistakes and did not read as well as his peers.

In response to these concerns, Peter's parents took him for a psychological assessment. The results revealed that he met the criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) according to the DSM-5, and he also showed signs of dyslexia. The parents were appreciative of the assessment results, as they provided a clearer understanding of Peter's struggles. More importantly, the results guided them towards appropriate interventions to address his specific needs, including adjustment on how they communicate with him.