Employee Assistance Program

Alicia's parents were advised to seek the assistance of a psychologist to conduct a psycho-educational assessment due to concerns about her academic difficulties, despite receiving group tuition. Alicia, currently in Grade 4, has been struggling with Mathematics and has had difficulties in reading and spelling. Her parents wanted to identify any specific learning disorders and gain insights on how to effectively support her. Alicia's parents described her as a sensitive, anxious, and caring child. Before conducting the assessment, the psychologist ensured Alicia's comfort by listening and empathizing with her and acknowledging her difficulties. The psychologist provided encouragement when Alicia felt like giving up on certain tasks, creating an environment where she felt understood and valued, allowing her to complete the assessment without anxiety.

After the assessment, the psychologist took the time to discuss the results and recommendations with Alicia's parents, understanding their anxiety regarding the specific learning disorder. The psychologist compassionately and informatively explained the findings of Alicia having Specific Learning Disorder. Furthermore, she addressed the parent’s concerns and equipped Alicia's parents with knowledge and understanding to support her effectively. The psychologist's insights enabled informed decisions about Alicia's education and well-being, while the recommendations provided a roadmap for targeted interventions and support strategies tailored to her needs.

Through the psycho-educational assessment process, the psychologist facilitated a positive change in Alicia's educational journey. As one of the recommendations, Alicia began Educational Therapy, and her parents noticed improvements in her reading and mathematics skills.

Note: The identities of the individuals mentioned in the success story have been altered to maintain confidentiality.