Upasana Bondopadhyay


M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Member of the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS)

Certificate in Learning disorders management and Language development

Registered as a Clinical Psychologist with Rehabilitation Council of India
(CRR No.A31087)

Psychologist Profile

Upasana Bondopadhyay holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from The Delhi University, India. She holds a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, India and also a Master of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, India.

Prior to joining Dynamics Psychological Practice, Upasana was practicing in New Delhi, India as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Health Centre of Jawaharlal Nehru University. There, in collaboration with the psychiatrist and the rest of the medical team, she dealt with the diagnosis and therapeutic intervention for the students and faculty who encountered different forms of psychological issues ranging from varied manifestations of anxiety neurosis, depressive episodes or interpersonal adjustment issues. In addition to the above Upasana was also working as the Consultant Clinical Psychologist for Som Datt Medical Centre that catered to the mental health care needs for the lower socio-economic populations of certain parts of Delhi. She attained vast experience in the field of adult and pediatric mainstream psychiatry while attending to an array of clients afflicted with diverse forms of psychopathologies, such as psychosis, affective disorders, personality disorders and childhood psychological disorders.

Before joining Som Datt Medical Centre, Upasana was associated with Summer Field school, New Delhi( which is a mainstream C.B.S.E school, with almost 3000 children), as a sole Child Psychologist for the Institution, where she planned and facilitated the management of children with mild forms of Intellectual deficits, learning disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders in addition to the other childhood psychological issues such as defiance, conduct related and behavioral concerns. During her M.Phil. training, Upasana received extensive clinical experience in various government and private mental health care institutions as a part of her senior full time internships. She has also been associated Pearson (India), as an examiner for the standardization and validation study of an American Intelligence measuring tool, to Indian norms.

Upasana’s psycho-therapeutic approach has been an eclectic one with inclination towards Rogerian (client centered) psychotherapy, although she employs the principles of CBT for some clients. She is also trained in two-point hypnotic induction relaxation procedure and Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation procedures in addition to guided imagery and behavioral techniques including systematic desensitization.